Why Travel?

When I look at this spa picture of Jennifer and I, all I can feel is relaxation and envy. Envy of that day where I literally had no worries. I was relaxed. I was carefree. I was having fun. I was in paradise and I was enjoying it with one of the most genuine souls I have the privilege of knowing.

I travel a lot. More than most people and I don’t do it because I have to or am required to, I do it because I want to.  I enjoy new places, new experiences, new views and the feeling that you get when you have the honor of visiting a new place.  I’ve always been a little this way.  I never understood why or where this hopeless wanderer came from.  Maybe it is genetic? Maybe it was the fact that we moved a lot when I was young? Whatever the reason and wherever this wanderer came from, it definitely is who I am.

When I met my late husband, he had never been on a plane. He rarely traveled and had seen very little of the world. Fortunately, for this hopeless wanderer, he quickly learned he loved to travel as well. In our 15+ years together, we traveled often.  We experienced more than most do in a lifetime. Sometimes, we made other sacrifices financially just so we could travel. When we had our daughter, we continued to travel and as a family of three, we were able to go more places than most.

When Darren died suddenly at 42, I had many choices to make. One of these choices was would I continue to travel or would I let this passion die?  I quickly determined that my hopeless wanderer of a child and her even bigger wanderer of a mom needed travel, so, we have.  We haven’t stopped traveling. We don’t travel to run away, but we travel to run towards new experiences, new foods, new cultures and to remember that our lives aren’t over. We carry on Darren’s love of travel and we find those moments on each trip, where we reflect on what he would have enjoyed about the place we are visiting, the food we are eating or the new culture we are learning about.

A few months ago during a trip to Canada, I had a moment of realization.  Why couldn’t I make our love of travel part of our future and my career?  Why couldn’t I translate this passion into something more?  You see, I love planning trips, not just for me, but for friends and family.  I’m always having people tell me they would love to travel more, but they have no idea where to start or even if they could afford a trip.  I usually pass on some websites or apps I use, help them get started in their planning and encourage them to go on that next trip and be fearless.  In my moment of realization, I thought back on all these encounters and realized I could really use my experience to help others to find joy in travel and experience this beautiful world we live in.

So, that takes me to this moment in Mexico with my beautiful, genuine friend Jennifer.  You see, she loves to travel as much as I do. After almost 14 years of friendship, we are now embarking on a new journey. A journey of taking our experience, passion and love of travel and sharing it with those around us.  We want to help others to be fearless in travel by providing the ultimate travel service.  We want to help you each step of the way as you plan your next trip.  We want to make travel affordable, fun and hassle free.  We want your next trip, whether it is a road trip, girls trip, honeymoon or dream trip around the world, to be the best trip ever. We want to help you and plan your trip like it was our own trip.  We will be sharing more soon, but we would love for you to come along with us on this journey and discover why we travel and why you should too!



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